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Repositioning Pua Kumbu and Batik Through Artistic Practice : Globalising The Local By Drawing Upon Diverse Malaysian Cultural Forms




  1. Mohd Zahuri Khairani
  2. Mohammad Rusdi Mohd Nasir




This paper will discuss the stimulus behind, and implications of, the artistic work of experimenting the combinations of computer-mediated imagery, text and 'traditional' fabrics manufactured in Malaysia. This research will look at the creative stimuli of the 'modern' and 'traditional', positing the modern as a product of globalisation and westernisation and the 'traditional' researcher’s practice-led work recombines diverse products of Malaysian oral and  visual culture using 'traditional' fabrics as the canvas onto which words and imagery are placed. This research will explain how researcher’s practice-based approach to research examines the importance of expanding the Malaysian visual culture heritage in light of the enormous impact of globalisation on the art and visual culture in Malaysia. This research will discuss the main objectives of this research and artistic output, which are to understand the problems, consequences and affects of globalisation towards art and visual culture and to produce artefacts that explicitly illuminate a new understanding of the dynamic that obtains between globalisation, contemporary art and craft traditions in the Malaysian context. This research will discuss the way that qualitative and heuristic methods can be adopted within an overarching practise-led methodology. Thus, collecting cultural-specific imagery is seen to be an integral part of the research methodology; Finally this research will outline how this research will engage in the production of artefacts in the context of a varied studio practice, developing and employing throughout the course of the research materials and techniques deemed appropriate in the production of artefacts that embody the quality of 'local' cultural forms in dialogue with or resistant to, forms associated with an exogenous, 'global' culture.